Out with June, In with July

Wow! June has been jam-packed with shows, acting opportunities, classes to build my resume, podcasts, and catching up with old faces. So far this has been my busiest month ever comedy wise. I’m closing out the month with a spot opening for Baby Wine at The Annoyance Theatre in Chicago!

I learned a lot this month about how to gauge an audience. What kind of comedy belongs where. And to stop taking naps before shows. I had the worst bomb of my life this month in front of what was probably two hundred people. But I also had the best set ever which was for a sober group of 150 in Trenton, NJ (thanks Jesse and crew).

Thanks to Mike Hiedemann for letting me tease my album recording on WGN’s Sound Sessions podcast, Jimmy Peoples for having me on The People’s Mic podcast, Laugh Factory Chicago for the learning experience at Nasty Show, The Annoyance Theatre (esp. Charley), and standup comic Dorian Vasquez for helping me film an audition tape.

I’d also like to thank Baby Wine, Skull Mountain and the Crowd Theatre, Joey Graham, The Playground Theatre, Whiz City Comedy, Tavern on Camac, Brooke Tomlinson, and of course the cities of Philadelphia and Trenton for coming out to see live comedy.

I’m back in Chicago until I leave to record my album in Vienna, VA at the Jammin’ Java. Details can be found at http://www.jamminjava.com/events or at the bottom of the “show dates” page.

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